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About Texas Teledata:

We Sell, Service, Install and Maintain Wired and Wireless networks in Houston and Galveston that are tailored for your specific needs, Video Surveillance, business Phone Systems, Network Cabling &

Audio-Visual Solutions.

(832) 425-0925

We Are Texas Teledata 

We are a family owned and operated tech firm.

We help businesses optimize their wired and wireless network, install and program business phone systems, install a wide range of analog to IP  video surveillance systems, audio and video such as Bose Commercial or conference room presentations. We regularly combine these trades to produce what many consider to be the impossible such as IP Based Video Surveillance Cameras with Point to Point WiFi backbones. 

We install Structured and Certified/Verified Voice and Data Cabling. 

We treat it as an art.

We love doing service work.  Do you have static on a line? A broken voice mail? some bad phones that just need a repair? We know how to fix them.

No issue is ever too big or too small. 


Contact us today for a consultation and let's determine if you are a candidate for Cat6 or Cat5e, 2.4Ghz, 5G or the new WAVE 2? Or maybe help you determine if a Cloud Based-Hosted VoIP or an On-Premise solution phone system is better for you?

It matters!

Chris, Melody, Colby, Canon , Gillian