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Networks, Phones, Cabling & A/V

We're Texas Teledata and here's what we love:

Wired and Wireless Networks

We work with businesses like yours large or small to install your secured, wired and wireless network by Certified IT Staff and their helpful assistant technicians.

We help you choose the best router for your business and program it so that you get 100% of the bandwidth you pay each month. Strategically route the internet based on your business needs and preferences,

We help you move or transition to the Cloud by hand holding the technical issues for your team.holding. We tackle each problem for you, one at a time. We also assist with the Internet connection and company email  

Phone Systems -  Affordable cloud- based or hosted and on-premise solutions. The telephone equipment is our world, we've been selling, distributing, trading, installing, marketing, managing, consulting and lots of other things to do with telephone systems, for a Long Time.

 Ask us how many letters or emails we have received trying to explain how we somehow paid for their phone system?  We handle everything from multi site VoIP networks to new Message On Hold Systems.

Audio Video, Audio-Visual, A/V - Which ever way you want to say it, we think this is the coolest, wildest dream equipment in the world! From Speakers in your conference room to Sound Suppression throughout your office, Televisions networked in each conference room and a digital signage package for the lobby and waiting areas. The industry is a giant, but we just stick with small businesses.

Call us just to tell us your A\V story.

Cabling - We install many different types of cabling to include:

- Cat5e

- Cat6

- Cat6a

- Fiber Optic, even the new gigabit levels and we are AMP Certified      for whatever that's worth?

- HDMI Tranceiver\Receiver  Cables that go over 50ft. (Ask us)

- Video Surveillance cables -  both IP camera and traditional siamese    cables.

- Paging system cables

- Speaker cabling

- Feeder cables- to move the carrier services into your office and out    of the telecom closets down the hall for example.

- Riser cables

- Underground cabling- Sometimes buildings have to be connected      with voice and data services, there are the right ways and the

   not-so-right ways, call us for the right way.

We know how to avoid the problems you'll face in a technical installation project thereby saving you

in finances and time.

Site surveys are still free.    

Please call for a risk free over the

phone consultation. 

We make it happen.



We are a valuable technical install team.

We design and install WiFi Networks for warehouses, offices and outdoor venues.

We also install Wireless Access Points for large and small IT departments located throughout the world. If you need us to install your specific solution such as a video surveillance system, additional network cabling, customer counters at a branch office or replace outdated equipment with new customer provided gear then call us now! 

​(832) 425-0925