We Represent Over 40 Carriers; Offering You the Perfect Hosted Phone System.

The Savings is REAL!
Go with the professionals who can handle your network to easily transition firewall settings to allow the quality your business demands! 
When a business merges to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  phones they never pay a service call again to make changes to their individual set up. Their phone bill drops substantially. They receive all new phones throughout the office. And their phone system features and applications usually triple.

So why doesn't every business transition to a Hosted Telephone Solution? Because VoIP is not for everyone.

We know the network piece, how to customize the handsets to make quality High Definition Voice on every call.

In order to find out if you're a fit for VoIP, we offer a free demonstration at your office, using your network to make that determination. Remember, VoIP isn't right for everyone. 

Call us to find if you're a candidate for a Hosted Phone at your office. 

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Texas Teledata Assists Businesses with Their Traditional Telephone Equipment.

So maybe you're not a candidate for hosted. That's OK, we have decades of experience with traditional phone equipment.

Many names for on-site equipment are PBX, KSU, On-Premise Equipment, Digital System, VoIP System, Hybrid and Key System are commonly used today.

We are most needed when a business relocates its offices to a new location or they add an additional location. Even when companies downsize (we call it right size) they still need telephones to operate professionally.  We explain the details and why they're important.  We help you select a new phone system or we can relocate the existing system to the new address, set it all up and test it before handing it back.

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Texas Teledata Assists Businesses That Want to Transition to Newer, Hosted Phone Service. Many Businesses Make This Change, Saving Hundreds of Dollars on Their Existing, Monthly Phone Bill.​ Others Need On-Premise Equipment. Ask Us Why?

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