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IP Video Surveillance


Check out this 24/7 live stream of a weather monitoring camera

Professionally installed and maintained. Business Video Surveillance Systems designed to last.

Every system is custom, everyone's vision is unique and we deliver the results inside your budget.

A single business location or even Solar Powered, 4g LTE & WiFi backbones for multiple buildings, ranches or remote sites, entire neighborhoods and of course, we love small business parks for property managers. YOU DECIDE. We do them all.

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Meet Ella, Our Artificial Intelligence for Video Surveillance. "Ella, Find all Fed Ex Trucks." or

"Ella, Find all employees wearining the blue uniform shirt." No more searching through video logs for hours.


nanostation- pic.jpg

An example of our discreet WiFi backbone antennas used for Video Surveillance Deployments

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AL2-600w WM.png

We offer a variety of solar panel arrays to meet your specific technology needs. We sell & install poles too.


Cambium offers Long Range Back-Haul WiFi solutions resilient to interference.

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