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What Is 24/7 IP Camera Video Streaming?

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24/7 Live Streaming

Our live streaming platform allows 24/7, worldwide streaming of video from an IP camera, all the time or anytime to your existing web site, YouTube, Amazon, any social media etc. Our offering is unique as the service is 100% based in the United States which improves its operational security and network friendliness. When there are no viewers no Internet is metered. Another unique proposition is we personally hand-hold every aspect of the stream INCLUDING: The IP security camera and its required programming, Cat 6 cabling and installation, and of course all of the back end streaming, hosting services with servers and massive Internet connections.  Last but not least we handle the technical support if required. Equipment and Labor Warranties are included. There are no lengthy contracts only agreements with a kind request of a 30 day cancellation notice.

Who Uses IP Camera Streaming?

People that want to see things that are important to them.

This valuable service provides access to your event, location, or service observation to any audience of your choice through your existing website, social media platforms or broadcast television. Supporting over 100 global nodes, our live streaming platform is optimized for performance, not cost. Our Enterprise Class network will stream videos to your viewers at the fastest possible speeds, resulting in unmatched longevity viewing. 

What Type Of Businesses Are Offering 24/7 Live Streaming?

The smartest businesses offer 24/7 IP Camera Video Streaming

Construction Companies-Job sites-video timelines and remote management

Dog Kennels- View pets in the playground area

Dry Dock Boat Storages- Look for your boat being placed onto the water

House of Worship- View your congregation and hear your Pastor give their exhortation.

Government-Watch City Council meetings LIVE!

Sporting Events- Yes you guessed it! T-Ball too! Unlimited viewership.

Night Clubs and Bars- Stream your band or your front door-entice customers to visit.

Television Stations- Broadcast your favorite views as a weather camera 24/7 on your website or on TV.

Schools & Universities- Stream classrooms, student centers, events, speeches and sports with our portable unit.

Comedy Venues- Stream your comedic line-up and gain a massive audience. 

Do you want to add to this list? Tell us your idea?

How Much Does IP Security Camera Streaming and Hosting Cost ?

24/7 Live Streaming costs start at $75 per month and goes up depending your specific needs.

Other considerations include: The cost of the IP camera and it's installation; If you choose our portable solution a laptop and associated HD camera.

Your existing business Internet connection will work, but if the location does not have one... there will be costs.

Choosing to store your content in the cloud will increase the monthly cost. Most streams do not require storage.

If you are disconnected due to non payment or cancel the service, there are labor/installation fees for reactivation and to re-address devices.

How Much Money Can I Make with a Live Stream?

Depends on your audience. Streaming provides value to viewers.

Pay Walls and inserted advertising or donation pages usually pays for the service easily if not 10X more.

Insert monetized text to remind viewers who is sponsoring the feed. Additionally, provide customers with Passcode access, change codes whenever you like. Edited Time-Line videos sell for thousands and can also be monetized on YouTube. If you are really savvy with advertising, we offer live streaming advertising that supports real-time globally synchronized ad breaks, bumpers and pre-roll.  Live advertising is and can be used to promote your own interests, communicate with your audience or monetize your live streaming. No ad server is required as ad videos can be uploaded to our platform.  For more complex requirements, VAST tags are also supported, allowing the use of any 3rd party ad server.

Keep It Simple Simon.

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