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Proudly Serving the Houston and Galveston Communities

Video Surveillance Solutions

Texas Teledata installs outdoor/indoor video surveillance systems. We offer a wide range of custom Video Surveillance solutions such as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, Domes & Bullets, License Plate Recognition cameras and much more. Invite us to visit and do a walkthrough of your property so we can learn about your specific needs, allowing us to craft the solution meant for you. Ask about our stand alone public access camera options

Network Cables.jpg

Data Cabling Contractors

We install Cat 6 and Cat 6a network cabling, Voice and Data, Low Voltage, Speaker Cabling and Fiber Optic.

We work with multi-building complexes, individual business suites and existing office moves, additions or changes (MAC's). We thoroughly test all installations and certify where applicable.

Ruckus Outdoor AP

Wireless Network Solutions

RV Parks, Multi-Family Units,

Mobile Workplace?

No Problem!

We are skilled in designing, mapping, installing and testing WiFi & Microwave networks in commercial facilities that need to maximize the Internet connection.

We can do anything you want.

Night Clubs, RV Parks, industrial facilities, business parks,  warehouses, apartment complexes, outdoor venues or public wifi for shopping centers.

We provide Metered options for Campgrounds, paywalls, limited free wifi, and surveillance options.

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