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About Us

We are a local family owned and operated business.

We typically serve customers in the Greater Houston and Galveston areas, but are happy to accommodate travel requirements. With so many clients having a nationwide presence, we cooperate with your out of state vendors and employees to keep you connected at home base.

We have proven to our customers that we can provide cost-effective solutions to a plethora of workplace woes. Whether you need Dual-Wan back up for your media heavy office, or maximum video surveillance coverage for your parking lots and strip centers, we have you covered.

We are doing what we love. Unique scenarios and new places are an exciting part of what we do. This gives us the edge when it comes to our craft. "Bet that brand of camera across the street" and "Visually analyze the various materials used in the construction of this facility in order to calculate Wi-Fi signal reduction on the fly" are games we like to play when we go out for lunch.

We do the hard jobs.


We provide the business insurance required to work in secure locations, such as maintenance corridors below the bank building, or city municipalities. Does your team require Waiver's of Subrogation? We will include it. We are also bondable by request.


Texas is big and so is our drive to show up ready to work for you.

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