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We help businesses with a wide variety of technological services. We have a valuable team of highly trained technicians to serve every technical need that arises in business, campgrounds, entertainment venues, construction sites and municipalities. We take the steps required to keep you safe and remove risks​. We excel in the IP Network, IP Surveillance & IP Transit arenas.  We are a team to help you win!

Enterprise Class WiFi Networks

As Registered Cisco, TP-LINK, EnGenius and Cambium, Ubiquiti Partners/Associates, we install, program and  test a variety of network designs from the start point all the way to the end point devices. We handle everything in between. We Install servers, streaming servers, microwave transit networks, long range back-haul WiFi transmissions and multi-location video surveillance networks. Solving technology installations with unmatchable customer service is our true passion. In Time, On Time, ALL THE TIME!

IP Camera Streaming 

Man listening to headphones

Our live streaming platform allows 24/7, worldwide streaming of video from an IP camera you buy from us or you already have installed to your web site or any social media, all the time or choose a time. USA Based 100%. Our main difference is we not only handle the stream, but we do the installation, set-up and programming.  Some packages include 2 cameras, custom installation and unlimited streaming Live 24/7.

Video Surveillance

Security Camera Video Surveillance

We customize CCTV Camera Video Systems. We offer IP systems and the newest 8k IP Surveillance Cameras and NVR's. We have vast experience in wireless video security and surveillance camera installation.

We are the leaders in WiFi backbone long haul video surveillance transmissions. Ask us. 

We have amazing references. Ask us for them. They love it when people call and ask them questions.  We win the hardest and most difficult jobs. B24056001

Business Phone Solutions


We represent Hosted IP Phone Carriers.

We do the installation & all of the technical work. We help you get the buttons programmed the way you want, not the way the factory sends it. We use the FCC, the only legal way to transfer your existing numbers like 800's, mobile numbers, land-lines, SIP etc. to your new desk phones, PC or mobile devices and more. We take the risk out of changing IP phone carriers. Free Phones - Guaranteed not to miss a single business call.

Cat 6 and Cat 6a Network Cabling


Cabling - We install many different types of cabling to include:

- Cat 6

- Cat 6a

- Fiber Optic, even the new gigabit levels and we are AMP Certified.

- Video Surveillance cables -  both IP camera and traditional Siamese cables.

- Paging system cables

- Speaker cabling

- Feeder cables- to move the carrier services into your office and out of the telecom closets down the hall for example.

- Riser cables

- Microwave Coax Cabling

- Outdoor Jacket Data Cabling

- Underground cabling- Sometimes buildings have to be connected with voice and data services, there are the right ways and the not-so-right ways, call us for the right way. 832-425-0925


Don't learn the tricks of the trade...


Access Control

We are licensed to install and provide access control services for your commercial and personal needs

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